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Uncle DJ Spoon, residing in Dallas, TX, has always had a deep reverence for music. Which has transcended into the form of creating an experience through the art of deejaying. With the perfect mixture of eclecticism, turntablism, MC'ing, and professionalism, he's taken his gift across the country.

Growing up in church watching his father play the bass guitar, drums, and sing were early musical inspirations. These encounters would later evolve his fascination of various genres, and invoke a hunger for creating memorable experiences behind the mic & turntables. Becoming a household name at Texas Tech University (and neighboring campuses) is a huge staple in his DJ career. It was deejaying there for nearly a decade where he grew to become musically eclectic, which is a major aspect of his gift. His success carried over to the local radio station (104.9 The Beat), Texas Tech campus & athletic events, SXSW (Austin, TX), countless weddings, proms, corporate events & more.

Eclectic is the word that best describes DJ Spoon.

His gift of deejaying, like others, evolved. The skill of being an MC found its way into the world of teaching, motivational speaking, and even ministry. Landing speaking engagements at schools, major conferences, leadership trainings, and churches has allowed him the opportunity to inspire the future generation of leaders soon to come.

Currently, DJ Spoon is a doctoral candidate in the Counselor Education program at Texas Tech University. He's also a Leadership Development & Relationship Coach at Aspen Haus Associates in Richardson, TX.

Being a DJ is more than spinning records, more than juggling beats, more than mixing songs, more than playing the hottest song. Being a DJ is touching the crowd in ways that nobody else can. It's creating a freedom for people to enjoy themselves without the worries of the world. It's generating an experience.

It's loving what you do. It's a lifestyle

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